It was at the beginning of the Covid19 when I was so many people being laid off so suddenly. Sadness were everywhere and people were restricted to go out to get their basic needs. Life was changed completely and people must adapt the condition right away.

Based on the situation I was trying to think on what can be done at home where people can actually getting some help on fulfilling their needs. I was connecting my self to the nature where things are interacting freely but complementing to each other greatly.

I was thinking about a jungle where the nature takes care of each other and progressing at the same time. Animals are able to get food naturally and sources are available and growing by days. It got me thinking about fish where no one buys food for them and getting their food from the nature ( worms , insects or leaf). We know that Osphronmus Gouramy fish has been leaf in their lives, for that reason I was thinking on getting some of this fish and trying to rear them by giving leaf instead of buying the factory produced fish feed.

After some thoughts , I decided to experiment few types of fish such as Catfish, Osphronemus Gouramy, Tilapia and Collossoma Macronum fish.

after two years of experiment , now I can say that rearing fish is not that difficult and not expensive at all, because we can feed them with so many different leaf and flowers which grown near our home.

Anyone have the interest on this matter, please let me know. I will be more than happy to share it with you. Have a blessed day to All.