It has been our priority for sending the children to school the best we can
afford. We are always aiming toward sending the children to as much as the
university but it has been so hard for most of our children as many or most of
them are affected by stunting.

We have been dealing with stunted children and so many other factors which
many of the children have not been able to go through the university even the
chances have been given to them.

Some are realizing that they are much better to be trained vocationally then
doing the higher-level education for them.

That is why since 1999 we have been struggling on making sure good basic
knowledges will be able to be known by the children as to make them capable to
at least helping then selves when they grow up (on their own).

We can make things easier by sending the potential children (the clever
ones) but we should give the same chances to all children. We also realize that
not all clever children will shape up the world as proven by so many scientists
that many of those who deemed to be less intelligent or dropped outs are great
inventors or genius ones (Einstein, Watt, Thomas Eddison etc). To us we must do
our best to give chances to all of our Roslin’s children.