This picture was taken on end of November  2001
all were so rocky and no trees at the orphanage’s property
Now the orphanage has lots of trees and the land has been a productive soil now

Roslin Orphanage is located in West Timor, about 10 minutes from “Eltari Airport” in Kupang City. Founded by Budi and Peggy, officially opened by the Nusa Tenggara Timur province governor on March 6, 2002 (it was started in Dec 1999).

Budi was a pilot for Garuda Indonesia, Korean Airlines, Singapore airlines, Scoot Airlines and since June 2015 has decided to retire and look after the orphanage full-time. Peggy was an airline stewardess with Garuda Indonesian Airways for 9 years, then a house wife, and now from the very start she has been the care taker and manager for the orphanage.

Our togetherness is the main strength and we are trying to maintain this togetherness throughout, and to all of the children. It is our strong sense of belonging in this place and to each other that matters most to us.

Roslin Orphanage is trying its best to help to shape up the children’s future by giving them as much education as possible. After the children are finished with their schooling (hopefully all able to graduate from the university) the orphanage will return them to their own people hoping that they will build their own home town and their own people. Roslin Orphanage is not giving any children up for adoption.

The name Roslin was formed by combining two Timorese grandma’s names who were giving good advice to Peggy when she was a little girl. Both of them were advising Peggy what’s good to be done and how to be a better person in life ( they were not Peggy’s real grandmas) . Good values were passed to her and we think that it is a good way to remember them both by combining their names in the orphanage’s name. From Grandma Rosalind and grandma Violin the name Roslin was formed.



The primary goal is to help children at risk and develop their maximum potential. By doing so they can to be agents of positive change , contributing meaningfully to their communities.

For example : There is a doctor in Bali who himself was an orphan child  who treated Johanes Bana, who was once a child at Roslin, for free. He waived all the doctor’s fees right through to the ICU treatments. Another Doctor in Surabaya who recently treated Janri, one of Roslin’s children, for his ear operation waived all the charges and even brought our child out for sight-seeing and meals.

To improve the lives of the people in the community by outreach and the sharing of knowledge about health matters, illness prevention especially concerning Malaria and tuberculosis as well as other illnesses.  Also to share knowledge about farming in order to break the poverty cycle through farming and other education related activities.

We will do our best on equipping/raising/ building individuals to become agents of positive change who will contribute meaningfully in their communities.
Children, Staff, and Facilities

As of December 2014  we are having 178  children; the majority of them are under 10 years old, and they have been living at the orphanage since they were “days-old babies”. The youngest child is 6 months old, and the oldest (Gerson) is 25 years old. He graduated from the Medical School.  In July of 2015, 22 of the older children have left us after graduating from school. It was very sad to let them go, but it is their own choice to decide their path (even though we want them all to continue their studies into the university).  Currently there are 11 children studying at university. Next year we are expecting to have a family celebration, as 3 of our children should be graduating from university with agriculture, mechanical engineering and computer science degrees.

We have 5 people assisting us with looking after the orphanage’s day to day activities. Two people for looking after the babies, two as drivers and one person, Marsalina Oematan, she has been with us for the last 19 years to over look the progress and make sure that everyone is taking part in the day to day duties. The rest of the routines are being conducted by the older orphanage children who help the little ones. The little ones are not only observing, but also learning in the form of working along with the older ones as their efforts to be self sufficient and independent in their later years. All of the management and decision making are based on their inputs and decided upon by my wife and myself.

The orphanage size is 11,150 m2. Inside the compound we have 8 buildings and 4 more buildings to be built in the future.

Our Farm

Roslin orphanage has been self sufficient on rice since April 2008.

40 km (25 miles) away from the orphanage is our rice field which is about 30,000 m2 (7,5 acres), with more land to be cleared next to it of 60,000 m2 (15 acres). There are two more rice fields but at different locations. For further development, we will need a good land clearing machine if possible. The newly made banana farm is in progress with an area of 30,000 m2 (7,5 acres), which is about 3 km (2 miles) away from the rice field.

In the next few months, we will have our newly made banana farm capable of teaching the children more about farming and at the same time being a food source, and even making some income when we sell bananas to the public. For this farm, we need some assistance to obtain the small bulldozer which hopefully can be rented locally. So far we have been doing it by means of manual labour; this is not only slow, but we have often found ourselves hurt when dealing with the sharp thorny trees upon clearing the farm land.

A new farm is in the making, and it is designated as an eco village of which all plants will be organic and using organic fertilizer from both cow dung as well as dead leaves. It was originally a rocky land, and has never been utilized as farmland because there is not much top soil present. By doing the land clearing and general hard work for about two years, Roslin has managed to change the rocky surfaces (which were a raised sea bed) into farmland. We wish to have our own excavator one day so that we may work more on changing the rocky land into a productive land (currently Roslin is renting the excavator when able).
More Buildings in the Future

When we have completed building the girl’s dorm, we will have more children joining the orphanage. Currently, we have 170 children in total. Space and financial means are limiting us from having more children at Roslin Orphanage.  We are so blessed with the ability to maintain hygiene because we have our own water source from the orphanage’s ground. By having our own water, we will be able to plant more veggies and others in order to fulfill our needs regarding food and vitamins from the organic plantations.

Currently we have 5 girls enrolled in nursing school. One is in her third year of agriculture university, while one is in her final year for mechanical engineering. Another is doing her third year of computer science. In Timor, both doctors and nurses are currently in very limited supply. We need more medical personnel to be serving this area. We are so blessed that one of our own orphans, Gerson, has completed his medical schooling which enables us to have an in-house doctor and nurses.

We have been conducting Roslin Kindergarten for the last 3 years on our own building, just next to the orphanage building. The kindergarten is for our own children as well as for the children in our community.

In the future we are planning to build a medical clinic which will serve the community. Gerson will be in charge of this operation.
Visit us for your School project?

If you are planning to visit us for your school project or a social project of your office as a social responsibility program, please do so. We can facilitate all the required programs on programs such as activities with the orphanage and the orphanage’s children, we can involve you with the village people on farming, mechanical building, education for the villagers, health enhancement to the village people and having classes for the people in enriching their knowledge on any aspects in the society.
It will be good if I can be there with you during my annual leave or my off days but without me , my wife , Peggy will be able to handle all of the maters accordingly. Just let us know in advance about your objectives of the trip and we will do our best to facilitate and to make sure that we have a good coordination without any miss understanding about the main purpose or the essence of the trip.

Roslin has built a kindergarten for the community which is a Montesorri kindergarten, and it is a free of charge for the village children who are attending school. The school has been running for 4 years now .  The school has been running as a free of charge school and we even provide nutritious breakfast , milk , nutritious lunch and another glass of milk for the students.

Those who want to help out at the school are welcome to participate in the teaching.


Chairman                      : Budi Soehardi
CEO                                : Rosalinda PML ( Peggy )
Secretary                       : Christine AP Soehardi
Finance Director          : Marianne AP Soehardi
Advisor                          : Christian Sebastian Soehardi