This morning I cannot stop my tears fallen, when I watched the children attending their new classes on this new school’s term. These children were ” days old babies”, and now they are mostly on their 7th grade. We remembered they days when we’re making their milk bottles during the wee hours of the morning. changing their diapers and did so many things for them. So happy to see them wearing their school uniforms and preparing their lunch boxes.

One of the children is Irland, she has given us joy for sharing her university’s good marks, which are As, A+ and ABs. We are hoping that she can maintain her grate academical marks till the end of her studies. She is studying at the Nutrition faculty. We hope that one day she can apply her knowledge to the society, where stunting cases are still lingering.

Praise The Lord for the blessings and His guidance on running the orphanage since the year 2000. We feel strongly of His Presence daily. Without Him nothing can be done.

Thank you to our daughter Christine, Tassya and son, Christian for assisting her Mom, Peggy, since the orphanage was founded in the year 2000. Without them we will not be able to run the orphanage till today. Thank you to all friends which have been giving us encouragements and strength.

The last picture is Darren and his teacher, he is ranked two in class and he is now grade 8. He is attending SMP BOPKRI 1 ( middle school) at Jogjakarta City.