What we really do is to give chances to those less fortunate children by enhancing them towards a broaden views in life and able to dream higher than what the local children are dreaming their dreams. We know that are created with such a perfection of which we are blessed with such a great hardware and software in us , from the capital that we are blessed with we want to enhance it further with more views , wisdom and norms.
We never know that may be some of the less fortunate children can later on developing a system or creating a product that the whole world is in the need of it.   It is important to help the children for an access to a library or other means to enhance their knowledge.
For enhancing the children’s life skills we are involving them on our agriculture activities, plants and animals.
Other vocational skills are also practiced so that when the children leaving the orphanage they  can have a better survival chances  in the society yet doing all things legally.



Roslin Orphanage’s main objective has been efforts on how to help the children to get the highest education as to make them more marketable and to compete in life . Education has been the best gift ever on blessing the children with. Through education the poverty cycle can be broken. For the year 2017 so far 5 of Roslin Orphanage children have graduated from the university as a doctor , on computer science , on agriculture , on dental nursing and in two months on mechanical engineering . in 2018 we are expecting another 5 children will be done from their studies as well. All of them came to Roslin Orphanage 9 – 10 years ago.  Any support(s) on this education efforts are highly appreciated.


Basic health care that many of us take for granted can be hard for others to access. We ensure that underprivileged youngsters and adults have access to the health practitioners they need. In Roslin we are enhancing health by planting our own organic rice and organic vegetables . We plant things together, from the preparation to the harvest stage . With that our children are able to know the process from the very beginning to the harvest. With this knowledge the children can have a great confidence level and best of all they can survive at any given situation.
Beside having a great food supplies we are also encouraging the children to do sports or any other physical activities


Community is the family that goes beyond family. It is the people and places that we come in contact with each and every day. When we strengthen communities, we strengthen individuals.
At Roslin orphanage we are making sure that the children understand about  togetherness and being co exist in the society .
At Roslin orphanage we encourage the children to compete to give , to do extra miles for others and doing things joyfully . A great result can only be achieved if we are able to spend times more with the children . It is not going to be easy but it is doable .


Our programs have been on all efforts enhancing the children’s capability and making them to be a self sufficient individuals.